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Toronto Vintage Bike Restoration and Parts

Looking in your garage you come across your grandfather’s old bike. It’s rusty, covered in dust and missing more parts than you can count. It’s evident that it’s seen better days – but was surely a good looking bike years ago. Something with such rich history deserves to ride the trails one last time. At Toronto Bike Repair, vintage never goes out of style! We have a passion for fixing vintage bikes and restoring them to their original condition. We also sell vintage parts and accessories for the do-it-yourselfers.

We Remove Rust from Your Classic Bike

We’ll take off rust and replace old parts on your vintage bike until it’s completely restored. No matter what shape your bike is in, we’ll have it ready for the open road in no time!

Love Program

With our Love Program, you’ll have the opportunity to do something special for someone you care about. Bring in your father’s, grandfather’s or other relative’s old bike and we’ll completely restore it until it is back working 100%. There are no better memories than the ones made out on the trail!

Bring your vintage bike into Toronto Bike Repair today or give us a call to learn more.

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